How an investment of Rs. 3500/- brought sales of Rs. 1,60,000/- in 40 Days.

Consulting can help you build a great business with low investment and negligible working skills. All you need is a good communication and personal relationship skills. You don’t need to have technical skills or high educational qualifications. In this article, we will help you to become a consultant with ease and point to point guidance.

What is consultant ?

A consultant is an entrepreneur who fulfills the gap between the client (who is looking for service) and the service provider. The consultant takes the responsibility of getting the work done on time and provide security for client money. And simultaneously takes responsibility of getting work for the service provider and provides security of payment for their services.

Who can become consultant ?

Anyone with basic skills in the subject of service can become a consultant. For example, in order to become a real estate consultant, you don't need to be a civil engineer. A person with basic knowledge of real estate can become a consultant in respective field. However, having certifications will help in building trust and client satisfaction.

What type of consultancy can I start ?

You can start any consultancy which you think is profitable or subject of your interest. All you need to do is acquire basic knowledge of the subject like types of services and pricing. Some of the consultancy types are Web Development, Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Interior Designing, Real Estate, Home Cleaning, Packers & Movers, Rental Services, Gardening, Pets, Cooking, Training Institutes etc...

How much investment does it take to start consultancy ?

Starting a consultancy needs the very basic investment. (i) You will need a website outlining all services. You can get a perfect website for just Rs. 10,000/- including all costs. (ii) A smart phone with WhatsApp and other social media accounts. (iii) If you are going to work yourself on building proposals, then you would need a laptop. Or you can hire an executive who will handle all these official tasks.

How do I get business ?

You can easily get business by being active on social media platforms, forums and through digital marketing. The modern online tools help you promote business in such a way that, instead of you going to customers, customers come walking to you. Our team will help you with necessary training to generate organic business.

Where do I find service providers ?

Finding service providers is an easy task. You can get skilled professionals on social media and if you need any unskilled labor, you can visit nearest stores which sell products related to such services and get them. For example if you need an electrician, just go to electrical store and they will be happy to refer you few people. You can gradually build relationships and get connected with more people across various areas.

How does it work in real time ?

Starting your consultancy is very simple and real quick. We will give you a live example of how we started “Web Social Consultancy” which provides services related to web designing and online marketing.

Our initial investment was just Rs. 3500/- for website and hosting. Since we had a web developer, we created website for free. If you are looking to build your consulting website, we will do it for just Rs. 10,000/- which includes all necessary tools to engage your clients.

We started work with what ever projects we got. Our first project was content writing for which our client paid an advance of Rs. 3000/- as he was impressed by the samples we provided. He continues to be our customer even on this date.

Then we started getting projects related to WordPress design, social media management and eCommerce management. We delivered our best in all projects and our old clients continue to give us more business. This company started with one person and in  just 40 days has become a team of 5 members and made a sales of Rs. 1,60,000/-

You don’t need to be an expert to become a consultant. Though our company was started by a Business Development Manager who is skilled in WordPress Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management and Digital Marketing. She no longer does this work. All the work is done by team members and the main role of our business head is to just coordinate with clients and team.

Some of our End to End Consulting Projects are:

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The Pricing Structure !

Being a consultant, you can fix two kind of pricing. One is margin basis and other is project basis. In margin basis, you can fix a margin of like 20% and pay to your service provider. In project basis, you do not need to reveal service charges to service provider and pay them what ever lowest bid possible or hire them as an employee.


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