If you don’t do this. You will Never generate business on website.

If you don’t do this. You will Never generate business on website.

95% of the entrepreneurs are focused on website design. But they ignore one important factor which generates business, and that is Sales Management. If you want business, you should consistently do two things: (i) Get Leads (ii) Send Offers To Leads

How to get leads ?

Step 1: The first thing you do to capture leads is create a subscription form on your website and a landing page with subscription form. It is a simple pop up form which asks for visitor name and email with a catchy title. 90% of the users who are interested in your services, enter their email if your title of form is catchy enough. Like offering a big discount.

Step 2: Consistently post on social media with link to your landing page. People usually read landing pages with interest and give up their email id’s.

Step 3: SEO & Paid Digital Marketing can also get you leads. SEO may take few weeks or months to get results and for Digital Marketing, you will need to spend some budget. Hence, you can plan accordingly. But above two steps can bring you some real quick and free business leads.

Send Offers To Leads

People subscribe on your subscription form, because they are interested in your services. Now, it’s your duty to enroll them into your services. While some clients directly take your services, some need reminders and discounts. To accomplish this task, you need to consistently run the sales campaigns.

You can use automated email campaigns which engage the customer. The key skill here is to deliver the campaign emails to the inbox of the subscriber.

Welcome Email: This email is sent, as soon as the visitor subscribes on your website. You send the details about your products and services. And then offer a basic discount on immediate purchase. If the visitor buys it instantly, it’s well and good. Else, you need send another email

Auto Welcome Emails: One email may not engage your client. Then you setup automated emails for next 2 days, offering them higher discounts and reminding that the offer is ending. This will force them to buy your products or services.

Sales Campaign: If your client, doesn’t buy even in 3 days, then you have to become more creative now. Based on the previous emails sent, you have to write creative campaigns which motivate your visitor to buy. You should also segregate the your emailing list based on the actions of the clients. So that you get total control on client categories and their mindset.

WhatsApp/Telegram Campaign: You can also get phone number of the visitor and send WhatsApp/Telegram campaigns as well. They too fetch equal result as mail campaigns.

Frankly speaking, this is not an easy task for every individual. Only a sales expert can do these assignments and generate business. If you are not doing these activities, then you will never get business on your website. So, hire a professional website manager who can generate leads and convert them into business. We help you do this work for just Rs. 2000/- per month (Beginner Package). You can definitely see the results and grow the budget so that we can get you more sales.

In this package, we provide:

  1. Setup 3 Welcome Emails (Automated – Instant delivery on subscription)
  2. Send creative sales campaign mails 2 times every week
  3. Post every alternate day on social media using proper hashtags (on pages and  groups)
  4. Post 1 article every week on website (SEO Optimized with keyword)
  5. Create 10 Back links every month (manual submission and genuine links)

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