Understanding the process of leads generation on Social Media

Understanding the process of leads generation on Social Media

Every one of us create website or phone application to generate business. In today’s era social media is playing crucial role to generate business. Most of us know this, but you do not know how exactly to generate business. This article will help you understand how social media generates business for you. If you make wise decisions, you can seriously transform your online presence to business.

If you are selling products or services to regular customers, then Facebook and Instagram will help you get business. And if you are  selling products or services to professionals, then twitter and linkedin will help you get business. And by having an updated Google my Business page, you can attract customers through direct google search. You can also answer questions on quora and help people who are looking for your services.

There are two types of promotions on these social media platforms. One is un-paid promotion and the second is paid promotion. In un-paid promotion you can share your product or service related information on these platforms, increase your followers manually and pitch your products to them. This is a lengthy and consistent task. If you are an entrepreneur, you can’t waste time watching for potential leads on social media. Then again, you will need to hire a professional and pay it to get this work done.

In paid promotion, you directly promote the adds on social media platforms. You can choose which area customers you want to target, their age, their interests and show them your ads. This will help you get quick and instant business. Here also you need an experienced professional to choose the right audience and manage your ads.

Another important task is to work on search engine optimization of your website. You can hire a professional to do this work. They will post about your website on various platforms and build more backlinks to your website. If your website is ranking on top for the keyword services you offer, then people will automatically come to your website and buy. Google my Business also plays a crucial role in getting you potential business through seo and showing your website and social media links on top.

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