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What is Backlink ?

Backlinking is one of the important process of Search Engine Optimzation (SEO)

Backlink is simply your website link posted on other website. Search engines like google look for number of back links to your website. The more number of back links you have, it means that your website is more trust worthy. It also matters that your back links are available on high quality websites. These help in ranking of your website in searches.

There are many marketing tools and people who claim to build huge number of backlinks in less span of time. You should not trust these automated software. Because, genuine websites consider these software as spam and any links created using such software will also be considered spam. This may effect performance of your website.

At web social, we create genuine back links with manual process. We identify high quality websites and build backlinks form such websites only. We also do interlinking of websites which helps in building trust worthiness and build online presence for your  website.

Below is the example of a backlink which we created for one of our clients.


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