Web Designing is crucial part for your online business success. And we take proper care from starting stage.. and the work never ends for a successful website. This article helps you understand in depth about how we accomplish building your website, manage it and get business.

Basically, we divide the total work in 3 stages. They are (i) Website Designing (ii) Website Maintenance (Management) and (iii) Generating Business. Let us understand the process in each stage in detail.

(Stage 1) Website Designing: Starting from just Rs. 5000/-

Step 1 :: Domain, Hosting & SSL

You give us the details of domain, hosting and SSL Certificate (or) we can help you getting them in best prices. If you are on a budget, then don't worry. We can give you a free shared hosting with 99.99% up time.

Step 2 :: Free Logo

If you are our client. You get many things for free. Because we calculate our pricing in long term relationship. We will create a free logo for your website without compromise on quality.

Step 3 :: Keyword Research

Before the design begins, the designer should understand what keywords the website will be using in home page and other pages. Because keywords are used from the first line of code while building a web page. When you inspect any web page, it usually starts with the code given below. The first line usually entered is title which should have proper keywords related to your website. In the below example, "WordPress Designer" is the keyword. Similarly, each page, post or product page will have title related to the content of that page. We make sure that thorough research in done on keywords of your website as it helps in designing, content and search engine optimization, social media posts, hashtags, link building and more...

    <title>Best WordPress Designer in Hyderabad</title>

Step 4 :: Selecting the template

Based on the website concept, we choose few templates which the client can select from. These templates are provided based on the idea and features expected by the client. Templates can be html, cms softwares built in php like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, Wix etc.. While we can work on all these platforms, we usually recommend WordPress to our clients for the ease of use and features.

Step 5 :: Content Creation

Once the template is final, the client shall provide the content like images and text required to be placed on the website. If the client doesn't have these details, there is nothing to worry. Our expert professionals will write the content which is original, attractive, sales oriented and plagiarism free. (Please note: While providing the images and content, please make sure that your images are not copy righted and the content is original. Else, there is no benefit of using copied images and content as google can easily identify and spam your website)

Step 6 :: Client Feedback

Once the content is placed on the website, then the client is requested to go through each part of the website and make necessary suggestions for changes. We will be glad to make the changes as per client request until the client is 100% satisfied with the design.

Step 7 :: Speed Optimization

Once you are 100% satisfied with the design and content. The next step we undertake is to optimize for website for quick loading through Google Page Speed Optimization. Google suggests that, you website should load in maximum of 3-4 seconds. Else, the client will ignore your website. We run the test and fix all the issues which are causing your website to delay in loading. It is also to be noted, that a good hosting is required for quick loading of website. (Our shared hosting with godaddy has unlimited band-width and is much more speedier than the single website hosting provided by other hosting providers)

Steep 8 :: Social Media Accounts

Social Media accounts are very important for your online presence. We create free social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin. If you are taking our monthly maintenance package, we will create more accounts like Google my Business and many other business listing websites.

Step 9 :: Free Updates & Revisions

We will provide on year free support for any small changes or updates to be made on the website. You do not need to worry about small changes and costs, we never let you burden them on you.

(Stage 2) Website Maintenance (Management): Starting from just Rs. 2000/-

(i) Social Media Management

Website maintenance is required to keep your website live and active. There are basically two sections in website maintenance (i) Social Media Management (SMM) and (ii) Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We will understand in detail, what exactly we do as a part of these services.

Graphics & Videos

Creating graphically engaging content. Based on client budget, we can provide Images, Graphical representations, animations and videos. These posts engage customers and encourage them to buy your products or services.


We use keywords related to business as hashtags in every post. This helps your posts to reach people who are searching for your services.

Competitor clients (Web Social USP)

This process helps you get instant clients. This is our secret business service. We reveal this concept only our paid customers.

Note: USP Stands for Unique Selling Preposition. It means something which is very unique to our services and other's may not provide it.

Organic Followers

We believe in getting real business to clients. Each account we follow is identified based on their purchase patters and get connected. We make sure to bring real clients who follow you and buy from your offers. We never use unethical methods to increase followers or likes.

(ii) Search Engine optimization

Creating Backlinks

The more number of backlinks you have, the better your website will index on google. We consistently create backlinks to our paid clients on daily basis.

Image indexing

Apart from backlinks, we also post images with keywords. This helps in quick indexing of your keyword that the website link. For example, when some one searches your website keywords, images related to your keyword come up in search and the client can follow your website from there.

Video Indexing

We also post videos using your website keywords. Videos also index early than website on google. People searching for your keyword will see the video and from there follow to your website.

(Stage 3) Generating Business: Included in website maintenance (current offer)

If your website is not generating business, then there is no use of your website. If you are already taking our website maintenance services. Then, we also take responsibility of generating you business.

Subscription Form

We put a subscription form on your website with engaging titles. This helps potential buyers to leave their email id and phone number.

Email & WhatsApp Campaigns (Web Social USP)

We consistently send email and Whatsapp campaigns understanding the client stage of though process, based on previous campaigns sent and actions taken by the client. This is a pro service and only an expert sales manager can handle the tasks. This service is provided to our paid customers. And we help in generating real business.

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