Your payments to us are secured by our fair trade refund policy. Web Social is an ethical company and believes in fair business trade. We believe in long term and fair relationships with our clients. We make sure to deliver the projects in time. However, because of unusual circumstances, the work may not be accomplished for various reasons. Basically, there are two types of cancellations: (i) Client Cancellation (ii) Web Social Cancellation. The cancellation policy is guided by following terms and conditions:

(1) Client Cancellation:

(1.a) If the client cancels an ongoing project for personal reasons. Then the amount will be deducted based on the amount of work accomplished and the balance shall be refunded.

(1.b) If the project is delayed by 10 days, from the given time line because of our company. Then the client can cancel project at any time. 100% of the amount shall be refunded in this case. (this policy does not include Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing projects)

(1.c) If the project is delayed because of multiple revisions of client, then it shall not be considered that the project is delayed by company. Hence, the refund raised for such projects shall be in accordance to rule (1.a)

(1.d) The refund amount for cancellations pertaining to rule (1.a) and rule (1.c) is minimum 25%. The refund shall be made in percentage to the amount of work accomplished.

(1.e) Any refund amount shall be deposited to your account, within 7 days from the date of notice. Kindly do not pressurize to do instant refunds. That will be impossible.

(1.f) Any payment made to third parties during the process of project shall not be refunded. For example payments made to Google, Facebook, Theme purchase, plugin purchase or any such third party for ads or consulting works.

(ii) Web Social Cancellation

(a) If the project is cancelled by Web Social for what so ever reason. Then 100% of the amount shall be refunded.

(b) The refund amount shall be processed within 7 days from the date of notice given by web social. Kindly do not pressurize to do instant refunds. That will be impossible.

For any refund requests, please send your PO Number, Communication details and Bank Accounts Details, UPI Number (or) Paypal Email ID to [support @] (remove spaces in email)

Client Case Studies:

(i) Suraj gave us the work of designing a landing page for google ads. We designed the landing page and hosted it on one of our websites as per his request (we didn’t charge for hosting and gave it as a good will gesture). However, due to technical reasons, the page went down and could not be redesigned on time. We did 100% refund to Suraj. After few days, Suraj gave us 3 full fledged web design projects.

(ii) Kashmira gave us the work of adding a small code on her WordPress website and paid full amount in advance. Though the work seemed easy, it became a bit difficult for us to implement the code. After the duration of 10 days delay, we cancelled the project and refunded 100% to Kashmira. Now, we actually maintain her Website, SEO & Business marketing work.

(iii) Sultan gave us the work of society registration and paid full amount in advance. However, he could not take up the work because of his personal reasons. Since, we did not start the work. We made 100% refund to sultan.


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