Google Ads Expert will help you get real business

Google Ads Expert will help you get real business

Google Ads Expert can help you generate quick business. Google is everywhere.. you may not know what you are thinking about. But, google does. Google is monitoring your phone and laptop totally. We are engineers and we can use technical terms to explain this. But, let us explain common people in simple terms.

Note: This article is written by Google ads expert (an engineer) who is working with websites and google for more than 15 years. People who learn google ads from YouTube videos and who not know website development, may not understand this process.

Google uses a concept called machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence. This process helps google to understand your thoughts and plans. Google makes decisions based on your search, the phone applications you use and the videos you watch.

Understanding Machine Learning

For example, you want to buy a certain product or service. And, you search for that product on google (or) open some app and search for that product on mobile. And that’s it, google (and even Facebook) has already caught your thoughts. Now you go on YouTube to watch some videos or browse some information on google. You will start seeing the ads of same product or similar products in these platforms. You use same email to login on laptop, you start seeing the same ads based on your phone behavior even on laptop as well.

Google Ads

We gave this example, to help you understand how google ads work. The terms you search are called as “key words”. Google ads show your ads to people based on keywords they search. Google has the record of how many times keywords are searched per day, week and month. If you use the keywords which are highly searched, chances are that your ads will show to more people and get better results. A google ads expert can help you identify proper keywords for your business. [We are beyond google ads, we use these keywords on your website, in search engine optimization and help you rank better and get organic leads]

Further, the ads should have good design. And match the exact taste of your target customer. Only a google ads expert can help you get the results out of your advertisements. The important part is to select the keywords for which you will show your ads. And then, by providing point to point headlines, descriptions and images. So, when the people search for your product or service. You show up exactly to your target customer.

The Results

It’s not every one’s cup of tea to get results out of advertisements. The ads must have clear target and analytics should have consistent monitoring. Based on the results, the ads experts have to keep changing the keywords and update the ads at regular intervals. Only, then people will start interacting with you.

To get better results out of google ads. You should have an active Google my Business page and an active website. Your website, google my business page, google analytics, webmaster tools, google ads and keyword planner all should be interconnected. Because, google uses all this data to provide you the best experience with your ads. And help you get genuine customers.

Google Ads Expert

If you are really looking to get results out of your google ads. Then you are in the right place. Before running your ads. We make sure to update your website, request fresh index of google search, connect your website with google my business, analytics, webmasters. Give few hours buffer period so that google properly reads your data on all platforms and then run the ads. This helps google to understand your products and services. And give genuine results.

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