Our client paid $300 for a $200 quotation. Know why ?

Our client paid $300 for a $200 quotation. Know why ?

We quoted price for $200 for a WordPress website and our client said he will pay $300 for the work when we completed it. Why ?

Today is a memorable day for us. It has happened before, but not to the extent of paying 50% more. One of our clients from Canada agreed to pay $100 more on his own will. And we did not request him.
This has happened because of our belief that our work should “serve the purpose”. We believe, if a website is built, it should serve the purpose and get you business.

We never calculate our work in money, if there is something extra to be added, we just do it. At no extra cost. And without saying, “we do not know”. And simultaneously, we try to save our clients costs at all possible levels.

This client gave us a work flow in the initial stage. We started working on it. As we moved on, he gave further ideas of implementing work, we did it. And also suggested and provided resolutions where he was stuck.

This was not related to initial agreement between us. But, we do not make fixed agreements with our clients. We only want to build a website which delivers results and satisfy our customer business requirements.

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Note: We work professionally and in an open environment. We safeguard our clients privacy, their login details and data completely. People who have doubts at all stages, please excuse us. We enjoy working with people who trust us and take back equal trust from us.

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