We converted this Image to WordPress Website

We converted this Image to WordPress Website

We have 15 years of experience in WordPress. And, we can create any reference website, html template or even an image into WordPress. Because, WordPress offers an immense power in managing your website and growing business.

Creating a customize look as per the clients requirement. Is not always possible in WordPress by most of the designers. Because, most of the WordPress Developers (rather designers) just play with drag and drop functionality. Or use designer plugins like elementor. Though these plugins can design powerful themes. But they do not offer exact functionality as per the requirement of the client.

Hence, to achieve the exact look and functionality as per requirement of the client. The wordpress developer should have sound knowledge of WordPress Coding, Themes, Plugins, php language, html and css. Most of the wordpress designers do not know php, html or css which is required to play with WordPress. So, if you want the results as you wish. You should hire a pro developer like us. Who can modify the themes if required. And also modify the plugins if required to achieve the functionality. You can connect with us on whatsapp here.

Recently, one of our clients sent us an image and wanted to have an exact website as shown in image. In just one day, we converted this image to WordPress. As we write this article, we are still developing this website. But you can get clarity, of how we work. There are some basic modifications in image and website, and those changes were made as per the request of client himself.

Here is the sample image sent by client to us.

And below is the screenshot of the WordPress website which we created. We have used a blank theme template and design it through Page builder, some Coding and some CSS. The below image looks an exact working replica of the image sent to us by the client. You can checkout working model of this website on https://www.pranadatha.org

image to wordpress

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