[Video] Our Website Design = Your Business Growth

[Video] Our Website Design = Your Business Growth

It is undeniable fact, that in today’s era.. internet is ruling the lives of people. Even an uneducated person, is using google voice assistant to search for information using their voice.

If an individual has to buy something, the first thing they do is to search in google. Study about it and then go to the physical shop to buy. One day, I was buying something in an electric shop. A very poor looking husband and wife came to the store. They wanted to buy a fan.. They started negotiating the price and were comparing the prices on phone. Through their communication it was very clear, they do not understand a thing except the prices.

This only shows the importance of online presence in current era. If you are looking to sell services directly to your customers, then having a website with proper search engine optimization and social media presence has become mandatory.

Step 1: Hosting & Design: We will help you create as basic website in just Rs. 6,500/-. Which includes domain registration, hosting, business email (mandatory for professional approach) and SSL certificate (google gives importance to SSL websites and it provides security to website and customer data) and the design with pages, services, testimonials, contact us and posts (blog).

Step 2:

(a) Search Engine Optimization: We will do keyword research for the products or services you are offering. Keyword research helps us to understand what kind of words people are searching for the products or services you are offering. Then we use this keywords in your website in content and optimize them. Your content will be indexed by google and gradually your website will come in first pages, for the keywords and visitors will follow to your website. We use plagiarism free and original content which pitches to your clients.

(b) Social Media Management: We will manage your social media like facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, linkedin and also create profiles on various platforms like quora, just dial and more.. We consistently keep updating these sites every week and it helps both in search engine optimization and getting direct clients through this platforms. We use the same keywords to engage customers through search on this platforms and get organic leads.

Now we get leads from two sources. One is direct search through SEO. and the second through direct links on social media platforms.

Step 3: Customer Engagement:

(a) Chat Support : Getting visitors to website is one task. The other important task is to engage them to buy. This happens through active customer support on website. For this, we setup live chat or whatsapp chat, which ever is feasible for you. Customers can directly ask for queries through this platform. Automated chat supports will force customer to engage with us by popping up chat invitation messages.

(b) Email Subscription: Your website also offers email subscription, where customer will enter his email id to get more updates. You can also manually add emails which you get through social media or chat support. All you have to do is add emails to this subscription from front end or backend. The system immediately sends automated emails set by us in advance. You can send one email instantly, then other on second day, then on third day with various promotions to engage the customers. It is noted, usually a customer buys by seeing offers which are going to end soon and they make decision within 3 days. We can use these automated emails to engage customers by providing offers and also encourage to them to buy again and again.

We provide all these services for just Rs. 6,500/- and there won’t be any hidden costs. Once you start getting genuine customers through organic search and social media, then you go for paid Digital Marketing

Step 4: Paid digital marketing: We are very careful in utilizing clients money. We believe to invest only in the right place and right time. Once you are satisfied with organic results, paid marketing can help you get some real quick customers. There are various modes of paid marketing like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads and more..Based on budget and results, we can systematically utilize these marketing tools.

Conclusion: Our online business development strategy by using website, search engine optimization, social media management and digital marketing will help you grow online business systematically with low budget. As the results pour in, we can induce more budget and grow the business further.

Our vision is to empower our clients with real business. Thus, we don’t focus on just providing website design and SEO services. But use platforms in such a way that a customer get’s engaged and buy’s from you.

Looking for a long term and mutually beneficial relationship with you. We believe in genuine business transactions. If at any point it feels that the work is not accomplished as per expectation, then we shall refund such amount within 7 days from the date of notice.

We can start the work real quick and deliver website in just 2-3 working days. There are instances where we have developed websites in just one day.

Want to quickly grow business, contact us now https://wa.me/918977260361

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